Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midweek Confessions 7/31

HOW in the world is it already the last day of July?!  Seriously, is it just me, or was it the last day of school like, yesterday?!?  Ridiculous!  Anyway, let's do some confessing...

- I'm NOT dreading going back to work in a few weeks.  (I guess this isn't necessarily a confession, since it is generally considered a positive thing when one enjoys his/her job; however, as a mom who gets to spend the whole summer home with her kiddo, there is always a tiny bit of mom guilt that comes with my excitement for a new school year and the routine, adult/teenager interaction, and excuses for why my house is such a mess it brings.)*

- Like a flipping sixteen year old, I put off a major project that I've known about all summer and is due tomorrow.  As a result, I have had some seriously late nights AND A LOT of caffeine and stress-eating this week.  #whenwillilearn?

- I'm pretty sure I worried WAY too much and over-planned WAY too much for Blogher last week.  No one really cared what I was wearing. :)

- I bought a two-piece bathing suit at the beginning of the summer for our beach trip next week; because, at the time, the trip felt far enough away that surely I would have lost some weight by then.  I have not.

- Naturally, I bought two very cute swimsuit cover-ups to remedy the above problem.

- Sam calls himself "Ham," and I LOVE it.  He also says "beach" in a slightly inappropriate way, and I also love (and encourage) that.

- I stepped on my Kindle and completely crushed it.

- I am O-VER the Bachelorette.  (And, I kind-of liked Brooks a million times more when he was breaking up with Dez. What kind of person does that make me?!?!)

What about you? What confession-worthy things have you done lately?  Please link up and share below!!

*I think it goes without saying, but the fact that I love my job and look forward to going back is absolutely NO indication of how much I love and enjoy being home with Sam too.  I'm just really thankful that I get the opportunity to really enjoy BOTH things so so much! #disclaimersonconfessionsarelame


  1. Haha... my confession totally has a disclaimer. Didn't notice your last part until after I linked up. #iamlame

  2. "ham" is adorable! I love when they say cute things! I hope you don't think im crazy for the PM on fbook I sent ya, I just know you'll enjoy the gossip!

  3. I liked Brooks too when he was breaking up with des. Who can really fall in love in two months on a TV show? At least it acknowledges that this silly show isn't "real". but I did want to tell him to just break up and leave! That was a lot of awkward crying to sit through!
    And no need for a disclaimer. Parents are counting down to school starting too! I have loved having my almost first grader home this summer but we are both looking forward to getting back into a routine!

  4. You go gril with your bikini! I am rocking a vintage one-piece these days and lovin' it! Hope you had a great time at Blogher.

  5. #disclaimersonconfessionsarelame is the best hashtag I've ever seen :-)

  6. Love it!
    How can I get the little button to put on my weekly confession posts?

  7. I'm also over this season of the Bachelorette, but mostly because I feel like we are being manipulated by the producers A LOT this season. Call me crazy, but I don't think Brooks' "break up" with Dez was a true break up. I've watched far too many seasons (way more than I'd like to admit) of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and there are a couple of things about this season that seem "off" ...

    1. NEVER has a clip of a bachelor or bachelorette professing his/her love for one of the contestants (?) been shown before. Sure, the L-word might be mentioned in the ending proposal or something, but I've never seen a sit down where the it is blatantly state "I love [insert name here]." That is usually a big secret, but, this season, they decided to share it??

    2. That "Guys/Girls Tell All" episode usually airs when we are down to the final two and the third place guy/girl is present (I told you I've watched way too many seasons to admit!) ... Why was it aired early this season? Because, I think, we don't yet know who the third place guy is! We were made to think that Brooks left, but I don't think he did ... Which sort of leads me to ...

    3. We did not see a rose ceremony this week. That also has NEVER happened. I think it was skipped, not just for lack of time, but as producer manipulation ... No one is "officially" gone until those roses are handed out.

    So, yes, I think that something is up. I don't know that he will be the ultimate winner, but I don't think that Brooks is gone. I guess we'll see on Monday!! ;)

    P.S. WOW! That was a lot about The Bachelorette! Sorry to clog up these comments, but I had to get my prediction out there before Monday (and you seem to be procrastinating on your Dez post)!! ;)


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