Monday, July 15, 2013

The Nursery: 2 Years Later

Today, one of my favorite design bloggers - Emily A. Clark - is hosting a 'Kid's Spaces Link-up', so I thought it would be a great time to give you a glimpse into Sam's Gray and Yellow Elephant Nursery two years later...

First, see the original photos here.

Honestly, I was surprised at how very little the room has changed in two years.  The biggest things involve just making the space more practical, which is good.  Obviously, a toddler has different needs from an infant (like, for example, you'll notice the lack of bumper or cute bed skirt now); but, for the most part, I still really love the room and feel like it has suited Sam well over all the different stages of the past two years.  I have (of course) started thinking about ways we will update/change the room to make it more "big boy" soon; but, for now, I am trying to appreciate the time I have left in this sweet room designed with love for my baby.

And, now, for a quick tour:

Bye Bye Bumper, Hello Grandmother's handmade quilt in matching/retro-ish color.
The only stuffed animal Sam has ever really taken to - My bear from growing up.
New curtains from Windows by Melissa (that I WON)
The outfit Sam wore home from the hospital (left) & the outfit he wore on his first birthday (right) hanging for decoration.
Cardboard castle/club house in the closet.  He loves it!
A busy little closet/playroom
There you have it!

How has your little one's space changed since he/she was born? Did you make a whole new "big kid" room or simply update the nursery? 

Be sure to stop by Emily A. Clark to check out all the other amazing kid spaces in her link-up & enter to win a $500 Pottery Barn kids shopping spree! #yesplease


  1. I love this post! I love Sam's room in grey and yellow. I'm thinking of redoing our guest room with this color combo. So cute to have his outfits as decor. Love that!

  2. I am so jealous of his play-in closet!!!

  3. play in closet rocks~!!! love the idea of the hanging outfits for keepsakes/decor

  4. This is really adorable!! I love the color scheme and his playroom closet. I love that you can close that door and his room is "instantly" clean. LOL

  5. I have always loved his nursery...I really love the map on the wall (and the castle in the closet)!!

  6. What an adorable room AND closet! Thanks for linking up!


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