Monday, August 5, 2013

Have I Mentioned I Have a Two Year Old?

The last three weeks have been so crazy, I almost forgot to talk a little about the fact that I now have a TWO YEAR OLD!!! 

Seriously, how did this happen?!?! I ordered a tiny baby to cuddle and love and, somehow, he's turned into a wild little boy right before my eyes... 

In all honesty, I can remember a time when I thought I "wouldn't like" the toddler stage.  But, while it certainly has its own challenges, I absolutely LOVE it.  This season is wild, but SO SO fun!

If I had one word to describe Sam at two, it would be FULL.  He is full of energy, spunk, personality, giggles, and full of life!!

While at times we definitely get glimpses of the "terrible twos," in general, Sam is happy and easy these days.  He is at the perfect age to really soak up every experience, and we have had so much fun this summer swimming, painting, blowing bubbles, sliding, catching bugs, playing trains, building legos, and reading books - lots and lots of books.

Here are a few "stats" from this stage intertwined with some great photos our friend Howard took of Sam and his best bud, Addy:

Sam weighs 30 pounds and is 35" tall.  This puts him in the 75th% for both height and weight. He is between a size 4 and 5 diaper and wears mostly 2T clothes.  His feet are still a small size 5.

Please excuse the GIANT mosquito bite on his head... Those are a staple these days.
His favorite foods are: raisins, goldfish, strawberries, blackberries, waffles, cheese, yogurt, Ella's Kitchen pouches, and green beans.

He is crazy about water - bath, pool, lake, ocean - and just being outside in general.  His favorite activities include drawing with sidewalk chalk, sliding, pushing/pulling his wagon, running, and climbing on EVERYTHING.

His favorite song is Wheels on the Bus and knows he all the motions.  He also goes to music class once a week with some of his buddies and has learned all the songs.  His latest "dance move" is flat footing!

Sam has three best friends that live on our street - Benji, Jack, and Charlie.  (They are going to be quite the gang one day!)  He is also 100% spoiled by his Grandma, Gigi, his aunts and uncles, and our wonderful sitter Jennifer.

Although language has come slowly, we are finally experiencing some of the "explosion" we knew would come one way.  Sam now has about 20 solid words including a very emphatic "Yes" ("yeah") and "No" ("nope"), "more," "please," "HI!!," "bye bye," "beach," and "boat."

Aside from actual words, I am continually amazed at how communicative Sam is.  People comment all the time about his great expressions and how much he "says" without really talking.

Sam gives the BEST hugs and kisses and, much to his momma's delight, still appreciates a good cuddle or lap-sit.

He is a good sleeper - usually taking a three hour nap from about 1 - 4 and sleeping from 9PM - 8AM.  Right now, he uses his paci for sleeping and is still (comfortably) in his crib.  We'll probably change both of those things in the next six months or so!

Dear Sam,
I love you SO much and am SO SO proud to be your mom.  It feels like you grow up a little more every single day and, while sometimes I just want to slow everything down, I also love watching you blossom into a little boy.  You are my boy, and we have so much fun together. I hope you always have your sweet smile and friendly little personality - you have brought SO much joy to SO SO many people.  You are totally fearless and bubbling with energy.  There are SO many times I look at you and can't believe you are mine.  Your daddy and I can't even remember what we ever did without you - (except, maybe, sit around a lot more).  I used to worry a lot about what kind of mommy I was, and what I was doing wrong, but now I see you and the amazing person you are, and I know I must be doing something right.  THANK YOU sweet boy for teaching me how to be a mom.  Thank you for giving me new eyes to see the world and all the gifts we have been given.  I love you more than I could ever express!


  1. Love this post! 2 is such a fun age! Jen

  2. Amazing how fast time goes! Enjoy it all!

  3. 1. my son also has perpetual mosquito bites on his head, arms, legs. if they had more hair the bites wouldn't show up so much :)
    2. i also felt like 2 snuck up on me. when he turned 1 he was still a baby, but TWO seems crazier for some reason! how did it happen! how do they grow from sweet, one-year old babies to big two year olds!!

  4. Loved reading this as my two little men are on their way into the threes within the next two weeks (gosh!). You have an amazing journey ahead of you! I especially loved the insights into what really is going on in those little heads. Today, for example, the first things Peter told the new babysitter when we came home was: "look at our amazing giant new car!" I'm sure she was interested :-)
    Enjoy your little boy!

  5. That was so sweet! Love the photos of Sam and his doggie!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh! He is adorable! Loved this post!

  7. This is so sweet, Sam is so cute && I love the pics with your dog. They look like quite the duo. :]

  8. Aww Sam and Addy are SO cute together! I love how much you love being a mom :-)

  9. I enjoy so much witnessing how much love the two of you have for Sam. Your family exudes so much love and joy. I'm blessed to be a small prt of it!


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