Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Very Confused about My Feelings for Dez and The Bachelorette

Well, folks, that's a wrap! Another Bachelorette for the books!

If you happened to miss the season, here it is in a nutshell:

As the post title implies (or, actually, just says) I'm very confused about my feelings for Dez and The Bachelorette.  It is no secret that I'm been pretty un-invested in this season from the very beginning.  None of the guys really stole my heart (although Zak W. was well on his way), and Dez never really seemed genuine to me.  That said, I have to hand it to them (a little bit) on the last episode...

I wouldn't exactly call it "the most dramatic event in television," (Hello! They clearly have not seen Scandal!) but the episode was unpredictably unpredictable.  I was fully prepared for Brooks to ride in to the final rose ceremony on a white horse; but, instead, I thought Dez appeared to be a relate-able, likable, and even sincere on this episode and I kind-of fell in love with sweet Chris (in a Ifeelalittlesorryforyoubutnotthatmuch way). 

Yes, I think it's totally absurd that Dez was madly in love with one guy one day - to the point where she couldn't say his name without crying - and then accepted a proposal from another guy who she said was "right all along" the next.  Yes, I'm a bit worried about the future of Dez & Chris's relationship (especially since, all anyone ever seems to be able to talk about/ show photos of is Brooks breaking her heart), and I think Chris is a bit naive about all of it (he looked like an excited puppy at GMA this morning). BUT, somehow (I'm really not quite sure how either), they won me over.  I like them together.  

Chris is hot, but also a total dork at the same time - which I love.  I love that he is obviously crazy about Dez and, at least in some ways, I get that girls sometimes go for the guys that are "hard to get" because they don't know how to handle people simply loving them for who they are.  I think their story is sweet, and I wish them the best of luck.

I also thought that both Brooks and Drew handled themselves like gentlemen, and I appreciated that.  (I might have even thought to myself at one time: "Dez got the BEST group of guys this season!)

Of course, there are plenty of things I did NOT love last night, including Dez's belly dancing shirt for horseback riding with Drew (he should of known she'd given up when he saw that.  She didn't even put on a full shirt.), Chris's dumb framed poem (I really hope Dez puts a stop to those shenanigans now that filming is over), and Brook's new look - i.e. gelled swoop hair - at the Live event.

And, speaking of new looks, did anyone else totally NOT recognize Lindsey?  I mean, literally, when I heard her voice I knew I recognized the voice, but I had NO clue who she was.  (My mother in law enlightened me - thank goodness!)

Alright girls, that's all I've got... Until next season...

Next season, when the all important questions like how often must a bachelor speak in order to find a wife?, do people with two names really have more fun?, and... of course, how low can a v-neck go?

Can't wait. 


  1. YAY CHRIS!!! Love him love him love him. His poetry is lame, but if Des likes it, then yay for them. Gotta disagree with you about Brooks's ATFR hair, though. YECH!! But we can agree on being excited about Juan Pablo being the next Bachelor...holllla!

  2. It will be interesting to see if Chris and Dez last. I feel like since they weren't perfect all along maybe it means they will be able to roll with the punches better. Plus, she's already moving to Seattle, that's a good sign! Maybe they will become bffs with Sean and Catherine...only a little awkward. haha

  3. I have to say I NEVER got into this season at all. Hoping next season will be better. Are they doing bachelor pad this year?

  4. I guess I fell for all the producer manipulation ... No return of Brooks!! When Chris (Harrison) kept mentioned it during the finale ("Or ... Will Brooks return?!"), I figured it wasn't going to happen. But, I guess they had to add some drama because, otherwise, there was an obvious "winner" only an hour into the two-hour event.

    I'm also interested to see how Chris and Dez end up now that "real life" is upon then. I get the "he was right there the whole time" explanation, but I still find it hard to believe that she could go from tears and blubbering over Brooks, to realizing she loved Chris, and excitedly accepting his proposal in the span of a few days.

  5. Can't. Wait. Till. January.


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