Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday from the Beach

Hi hi!  Sorry it's been quiet around here this week.  As you know, we are on vacation, and I've been using my quiet time to do more important things like read, nap, and get sunburned. ;)

We have had SO much fun and I honestly cannot WAIT to share pictures etc. next week.  (I promise I'll have at least one good blogging week before the school year craziness starts again on the 19th.)

Until then, here are five things on my mind currently...

My growing boy! Hopefully you read my two-year old post earlier this week; but, y'all, I could write 100 posts about how fast Sam is growing and what an awesome little boy he is becoming.  (I'm totally that mom.  Sue me!) He has absolutely loved the beach this week and been  It seems like just this week his language has totally blossomed and he is saying SO many new words.  He is also beginning to show signs of being ready to potty train and (maybe) give up his paci. Where does the time go?!?

On Kiawah Island at the Ryder Cup golf course. Adorable outfit c/o Lil Sweetie Designs

Call me crazy, but I am getting so excited about Back to School and the re-introduction of routine in our lives.  A new school year is better than January 1st in my book for starting fresh and making changes.  I'm already making mental lists and dreaming of all the ways I'll be "better" this year - more organized, healthier, more productive, more intentional, etc. etc. etc.  (Have I mentioned I'll be working full time again this year? More on that soon.)

The School Days Organization Kit from Clean Mama Printables on Etsy

Fall weddings!  Usually the summer is our busiest time of year for weddings (and we did have three), but this year our fall is PACKED.  Beginning in September, we have 5 weddings to attend before Thanksgiving - not that I'm complaining, I LOVE weddings!  Sam has been asked to be the ring-bearer in Jeff's cousin's wedding on September 7th.  He is such a ham, so I know he will be hilarious, and I'm so excited!  But now, the big question is... What should he wear?  The bride & groom have given us a lot of freedom, so I'd love any tips/ideas you might have.

I'm leaning towards something like this. What do you think?

New babies and showers!  My mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I are hosting a shower for my best friend, Amanda (who is also Jeff's cousin) next weekend. We are having it at a local cupcake shop and decorating with mint green and bright orange foxes. As you might imagine, I'm loving planning for it. I've also been enjoying living vicariously through her and helping (mostly bothering ) with nursery and registry things... It is amazing how much trends have changed and how many new things are out there since I did this just two years ago.

We went with this invitation from Plume Creative on Etsy & used it to guide our decorations & "theme."

This blog.  Since I've come back from Blogher, I've been thinking a lot about this blog and where I want to go with it, how I can improve it, etc.  (So much so, that it is paralyzing a little bit... I promise I am going to tell you about Blogher some time soon!)  One thing I'm especially excited about is a new series I'll be starting next week called "Teaching Tuesdays." (Creative, I know.) I will do this between Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons (ha) to share some of my ideas for the classroom etc.  What do you think? What else would you like to see here? Please do share!
Alright, I'm off to enjoy our last day on the sand & the surf!!  TGIF just doesn't have the same ring to it on vacation, you know?  Either way, enjoy your weekend!


  1. ohhh that pic of sam is frame worthy for sure! Love his little outfit (but I am a sucker for anything with an anchor on it, if we are being real) and that building behind him is gorg!


  2. What a fun post!!! And I love the Teaching Tuesday idea!! Even though I am a teacher who can't find a teaching job in my area (blah) I am still obsessed with all things teacher-related!! Have a great last weekend at the beach with your family!

  3. Sam is mighty handsome and so big. My sister has been in Kiawah Island all week. Her family loves it there. Sadly, I've never been. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  4. I love the Teaching Tuesdays idea! I'm starting my first high school teaching job this fall (a permanent sub position for a woman on maternity leave through November) and I can't get enough of high school teaching blogs. They are far and few between - and the good ones (like yours!) are even harder to find! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Sam is adorable!
    And I totally get your feelings about first days of school. We're starting on Monday and I've been preparing all week. I love it!
    Great idea about your new series. I look forward to be following along.

  6. That picture of Sam is adorable and I know what you mean about toddlers growing up so quickly and changing right before your eyes! I agree about back-to-school season feeling more like New Years than January 1st.... I feel the same way every year. I am going into my 6th year of teaching and I always have the best intentions (not always fulfilled, but always attempted) at the beginning of the new school year. Good luck to you and can't wait to hear about your ideas!

  7. Love love love the Teaching Tuesday idea! That's how I found your blog and I'm always eager to hear more about your classroom.

    What planner do you use to keep yourself organized in the classroom? I've spent the morning looking and haven't found anything that works for high school specifically.

  8. I love Teaching Tuesday already! :)

  9. Good call on Teaching Tuesday! I'm looking forward to it. :)

  10. Of course I LOVE the teaching idea! Let me know if you need any fun stuff from a middle school math teacher perspective! I am so impressed that you are blogging on vacation. Enjoy the sun!

  11. I am always slightly sad to see summer end but equally as excited for all the things that come with a new season. Glad to hear Sam is embarking on a new season of language! (I feel like I will enjoy our days so much more when Luke can say more than two words. Terrible to say, but true.) can't wait to read more! :)

  12. Thank you for sharing, this information is useful to me !

  13. So excited to see more teaching posts! It's so hard to find good secondary ed classroom management/decoration ideas.

  14. I agree with previous posters! Your secondary ed ideas are great!


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