Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Midweek Confessions 8/14

You know what time it is... Here goes!

- My "swag" is still in the middle of my bedroom floor in my suitcase from Blogher, and I have not unpacked or washed the first thing from last week's beach vacation.  #naptimetoday #forrealthistime

- I took Sam to the movies yesterday for the first time (We saw Planes - very cute, but I hardly paid attention).  Although I normally have a strict rule about NOT going to the movies without popcorn, I had already decided that we would not get any this time since a.) I'm trying to eat healthy and b.) popcorn is dangerous for toddlers.  BUT, how could I resist when the man in front of us gave us a coupon for a free small?!?  So... Sam ate popcorn.  He did fine, but I was a nervous wreck and may or may not have spent the first 20 minutes of the movie Googling "dangers of popcorn" on my iphone.  

- I want to train for a half marathon in November.  Yesterday, I ran ONE mile and almost died.

- I buy Luna protein bars with the best of intentions - "these will fill me up AND satisfy my sweet tooth without being terrible for me" - then, I eat four... In one sitting.

- Our dishwasher is broken, so... I feed Sam on the same plate at every meal and absolutely CANNOT cook.  Some things are just non-negotiable in my life, like the fact that I can't wash dishes when there are things like blogging, playing, and browsing Pinterest to be done. ;)

Join me in airing your dirty laundry (in my case, literally) today?

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  1. I feel ya there are so many wonderful ways to waste time, and I have perfected all of them!

  2. I really want to see Planes! I hope you enjoyed it, once you got past the worrying about the popcorn. lol. I'm training for a 5k in October and I'm hating it so you get major props for challenging yourself to a half marathon! That is intense, hopefully one day i'll be able to accomplish that. Good luck! :]

  3. I just started writing my confessions. They're more pity party than confessional this week, but it's just the catharsis I need to survive this day (or week or month).

    I was a nervous wreck the first time my gals had popcorn and sometimes I still cut up their grapes. #worrywartsunite

    I unpacked everything from BlogHer, but I've got a laundry confession to share today, too. It'll make you feel much better about yourself. I promise.

  4. Girl, you are hysterical! Move to Long Island and let's be friends! LOL! Linking up later. xo

  5. Can I confess that I didn't even know you were not supposed to give toddlers popcorn? Ooops! Must have missed that one. But I DO know you are not supposed to give it to pugs.

  6. Oh, I just decided to do a half-marathon and felt the same pain...I'm really not a runner, but hopefully I can push through for a few months.

  7. Stopping by from Erika's page today...our dishwasher is broken, too, and I'm guilty of purchasing a mass amount of paper plates at Sam's last weekend to avoid having to wash dishes. I may have also tried to convince my husband that we needed to invest in plastic silverware as well; unfortunately, my argument was weak and my husband convinced me that I wasn't lazy enough to get out of washing a few forks and spoons. Sigh... I'm also guilty of ordering a pizza (or three!) over the past couple of weeks just to get out of having to wash dishes after dinner!

  8. ok, you're going to rock the half. keep us (or just me???) updated on your progress! what training plan (if any?) are you following?
    also, david eats popcorn all the time. the first time i was petrified but now he loves it. but i'm curious, did your google search turn anything up?? he ate a whole grape for the first time the other day and i was so nervous i stopped breathing! :)

  9. Ha! I laughed out loud about the Luna Bars. I have done that with Lara Bars. And i love the white chocolate luna bars. YUM!!

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  11. You crack me up with those Luna Bars! There is no way that I could do that...but I always make sure to drink a ton of water with it and that makes me full for quite a while. I'm still relatively "new" to reading your blog so idk if you're a milk drinker, but I've heard that a big glass of milk with them fills you up. But then again, I have no clue. (I don't drink milk. GASP!)


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