Monday, September 16, 2013

4 Fall Trends I Love (& One I Just Can't Handle)

Saturday afternoon, after I completely stocked Sam's closet for fall at the children's consignment sale, I had a little "retail" therapy session for myself in the form of online browsing (which is much cheaper than the alternative).  After awhile, I started seeing some major trends in my current style...

Four Fall Fashion Trends

Have I mentioned that I LOVE fall clothes?  

I just showed Jeff this image and asked what he liked best.  He said, "they all look exactly like everything you have in your closet."  I guess my style is pretty predictable, huh? #heyonlyonethinghasstripes #thatcountsforsomething 

I love that all of these items could double as work or play clothes, which is top-priority in my book.  Plus, I like that they have a touch of the latest trends, without being overly trendy; which, to me, = class and either multiple years of wear and/or good consignment rates later.  Think about it.

Anyway, all that said, there is one very popular trend out there right now that I just CANNOT get into:

Maybe if I had long lean legs it would be different; but, honestly, I have never seen someone fully "pull off" this look.  I just don't like it.  *Mark my word... NO booties for E.  (And, feel free to try to prove me wrong by emailing photographic proof to the contrary.)

What fall trends are you loving?  Are there any you refuse to try?

P.S. This post isn't a single bit sponsored, but I do consider it my civic duty to share that the embellished oxford I keep raving about is half price at Kohl's right now (I happen to be a proud new owner myself), the navy and mustard dot top from Loft is 40% off, and the Boden gingham shirt dress is also on sale.


  1. I love the gray and cognac!!! I have plenty of stripes; I think Chad would disown me if I bought anything else!! Haha

    I have long legs, and I DO NOT like booties, either...maybe if I was 20 again...

    Have a great week!!

  2. I totally agree with the booties. When even super gorgeous actresses and celebrities and models with flawless bodies and perfect style look awkward in them...I really know that there is no hope for me. And they just look...weird. WEIRD. But I fully support your 'likes'!!

  3. I'm not one who can pull off booties either. i have a weird thing about my ankles && then those definitely don't help. I love all of those tops, I think the polka dots are my fav! :]

  4. I detest booties! The worst kind are open-toe or peep-toe. I mean, either wear sandals or boots; you can't have both!

  5. You're right on the booties. There are not enough women anywhere with the long, tan legs for it. The only way I've seen it where I didn't find it too awful was black booties with black tights. But then, what's the point of wearing them?

  6. I hate the booties, too! Glad i am not the only one. I think they're ugly. LOL. I have seen gorgeous women in them that... i don't know... they don't look so bad. I think it's b/c they would look good in a paper bag! Ya know? But not for me...and they're still kinda ugly. :P


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