Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blog Gems etc. 9/22

So far, this has been a perfect fall weekend.  Yesterday, I spent the morning outside with friends, the afternoon pulling out all my fall decorations, and the evening sipping a pumpkin spice latte and wandering Target with my sister in law.  Loved it.  If you didn't get fall-fever this weekend, you might be a lost cause.  #justsaying

(A little sneak peak at my fall mantle.  Still in progress.)

I'm not sure what all is on the agenda for today; but, I'm hoping more of the same + some added qt with my little family.  Next weekend starts a very busy season for us (we are out of town four of the next five weekends), so I'm trying to soak up the peacefulness while I can.

Anyway, despite the fact that I was totally slack on the blog this past week (sorry about that) everyone else seemed to be killing it.   Here are a few of my favorites posts etc. from the week...

"Because I'm Twenty-Something" on Today Was Meaningful
 (I've got 6 more months - more on that tomorrow!)

"Things Boys Need from Their Moms" on Good Day, Regular People
"Just Wait: You'll Be a Crappy Mom One Day Too" by Intentional Mom on Blogher

"Decorating When You Have Small Kids" on Emily A. Clark

This from our local newspaper by my next door neighbor about our other neighbor.  So good

And, last but definitely not least.... Remember Erika's popular Letter to New Moms on Infertility?  Well, IT'S HER TURN!!! (I'm ridiculously excited about this! Like, I want to host a baby shower blog-style.  What do you think?!?)

What were your favorite reads?

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. YES!!! to a blog style baby shower for Erika! I was in tears when I saw her big NEWS!

  2. My favorite read was definitely Erika's news!!! My second favorite read was her post on the birth mom sending her the sonogram pic! Ahhh! Tears. Love Erika. And i actually found her from when you posted her letter to new moms on infertility. :) Anyway, YES. Would be all for an online baby shower for her! Wish it could be in person, but... this would be the next best thing. ;)

  3. MY favorite blog this week.....month....maybe even this year was Erika's announcement! What a beautiful story and am over the moon excited for them. I have told so many people I know. My husband thinks I am crazy how much community can be felt through blogging, but it is real. A virtual shower is in order!

  4. I am SO IN on the baby shower. Like you, I am unspeakably excited about Erika's awesome news. I say we have a blog baby shower PRONTO. I convinced her to register on Amazon, so it'll be easy for us to shop and ship.

  5. Love the BabyblogShower for Erika idea! My fav post this week was "You'll be a Crappy Mom One Day too"

  6. Ahhhh...all of you people are going to make me cry AGAIN!! I love how excited everyone is for us!! We're pretty dang thrilled too...and this makes it even better!! :) Thanks for the love, friend. You are awesome.

  7. count me in on the virtual baby shower! that was def my favorite post of the week! i love the fall mantle && all of your fall plans. i spent saturday getting rained on at a college football game, that's fall-ish right? ha happy monday!


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