Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Wedding Attire: Maxi Dresses

I may have mentioned that Jeff and I are attending a total of five weddings from September 7th - November 2nd.  I LOVE weddings and I always consider it a huge honor to be invited, so I'm not complaining; but, I am a little stressed about how to dress for these occasions (especially since Mother Nature can't seem to decide what season it is lately).

I think I've decided, for the most part, that maxi dresses with accessories are the way to go.  The maxi dress is SO comfy, it hides my pasty white legs, can easily be dressed up or down depending on the event (think outdoor barn wedding to formal church wedding), accommodates a variety of temperatures by adding/subtracting accessories, AND is typically considered a "summer" dress so there are some great sales going on right now.

Of course, wearing a maxi dress in the fall presents obvious shoe and wrap dilemmas, but - with the help of Pinterest - I think I've got some good options...

These are my top two "inspiration" photos:

From my favorite fashion blogger - Kendi
I already have a navy maxi dress, so I might use that; but, I also just got this outfit (below) for a STEAL (the whole outfit was less than $50.00) at Old Navy to play around with.  I will probably wear either my cowboy boots or camel riding boots with either one. What do you think?

ON Fall Wedding

I also ADORE the kimono-style maxi dress (like the one below from Mod Cloth) but it's out of stock and the price tag is a little too hefty for me right now...

So, do you have a 'go to' look for fall weddings?  Any tips for styling a maxi dress for cooler weather?  Please share!

P.S. None of this is sponsored, FYI.  I just like these styles and love a good deal!


  1. I love the Old Navy outfit! You really can't go wrong with boots, a cardigan and a matter what's underneath! :) Have fun at all of your weddings! We don't have any this fall, but we DO live in Maine, so "fall/winter" weddings aren't so popular! :)

  2. Love that outfit!! Maxi skirts are my personal favorite. :)

  3. I'm from New it a Southern thing to wear cowboy boots to a wedding? Is that okay?

    1. I'm in TN and personally haven't worn boots to a wedding!

    2. Ha! Great question! This particular wedding is going to be held at a working cattle farm and the couple's wedding website actually says to wear "rugged, comfortable footwear that you don't mind getting dusty (or muddy)." So, I feel like cowboy boots are totally appropriate. I would not, however, wear them to an evening or more "traditional" wedding.

      Overall though, I don't think boots, in particular, are a southern thing; but, I am seeing A LOT of outdoor/barn weddings lately. Anyone else? Maybe this is a Southern trend?

  4. Love the outfit. I am a HUGE fan of the maxi dress and I have been wearing mine a lot lately and now I totally want to go out (ie search the web) for more accessories to dress them up!

    I am also continually impressed by the number of weddings you attend.. you guys are super popular.

  5. Love the idea of wearing a maxi with boots!! I haven't thought to do that, but these photos are inspirational!

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  7. I just got a pumpkin colored cardigan from Target like Kendi has on with her maxi. I'm in love already and think it will be great to dress up or throw over a plain t-shirt. I plan on wearing it with a black maxi and a leopard scarf {to cut down on the halloween effect!}

    {also, originally posted this under my husband's account and that is just not acceptable. :) so I deleted and re-posted it and then over shared on why!}

  8. Oooh, jealous--I love weddings! Love the maxi dress idea! I will be about 9 months pregnant at the next wedding we're invited to, so I'm planning to saunter in in anything with enough fabric to cover the belly:)

  9. Great the maxi dresses and maxi skirts... love the Old Navy go to place to find out fits!!!


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