Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Parenthood & Scandal

*I know I'm a day (or four) late and a dollar short on this... Consider it my gift to those of you (like me) who have to watch shows online three days later to stay "caught up."  ;)

I've had the premieres of Parenthood and Scandal written in my planner for weeks now; but, somehow, it never occurred to me that the first episode of Scandal would be on at exactly the same time as the second episode of Parenthood and so on and so on for the whole season.  Combine that with the fact that I often have to fight Jeff for the TV on Thursday nights anyway (because college football really needed another day), and it's almost too much to bear... A travesty really.

Anyway, I won control of the TV Thursday night mostly because I managed to convince Jeff that I had to blog about Scandal and, therefore, it was work.  (See, those are the kind-of reasons why I had two sponsored posts last week; otherwise, this might never have been... You can thank me later.)

I was super excited about all of the social media hoopla surrounding the premier of Scandal, so I opted to watch it "live" and save Parenthood for laundry folding later on... Truth be told, I think I will switch those two next week because social media and a semi-complicated story line is just too much for me to balance at once.  Fifteen minutes in to the episode, and I was already confused; which prompted this tweet...

(Clearly, there is good reason why my Twitter presence is weak.)
So, basically, I missed the entire conversation between Olivia and Cyrus on the plane (probably because I was scrolling through twitter) and the rest of the episode was a little fuzzy for me... I ended up watching Scandal again online later on so I could rewind when necessary, and it was MUCH better that way.  #lessonlearned #notthebrightest

Anyway, did you watch both?  (You lucky dogs with DVR!)  What do you think about the seasons so far this year?

Here are my first thoughts...  ***Warning*** SPOILERS AHEAD

On Scandal:

- Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is quite possibly one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen.
- Fitz and Olivia (with Melly's help) make me love their love and WANT them to be together.  (Yes, I'm fully aware that this is why television can be so morally corrupting and sinful.)
- I might have to name a second child Fitz one day (between Mr. President AND Ezra Fitz on PLL - it is, obviously, an amazingly great - and hot - name).
- I LOVE Huck & Harrison, for totally different reasons.
- I really miss Jake Ballard and am, legitimately, worried about him.  #heisntreallyinahole
- Olivia's dad?  WHOA.  
- I don't trust Cyrus, his boyfriend, or David.  Not.one.bit.
- Melly is just horrible; but, I think she might be one of the best actors and most dynamic characters on the show.

On Parenthood:

- Kristina is adorable; I love her hair, and her spunk.  (Working Moms Unite!!)
- Kristina and Adam's marriage basically restores my faith in American television.  (And, maybe, makes up for my support of Fitz and Olivia's affair above.)  I love that it isn't picture perfect, but that they are honest with each other, and WORK for their marriage.  
- I think Amber got engaged too fast too; but, I got literal chills during the sweet scene between she and Sarah with the wine & bridal magazines at the end of the second episode.  (I might daydream about planning a wedding with my future daughter one day.)
- How cool are Zeke and Camille?
- I appreciate that Parenthood is showing how hard having a new baby can be (I had one of those criers too), but I thought the scene in the restaurant was a little ridiculous.  Why didn't she just go outside?  (I left MANY a restaurant in the early months.)  And, more than that, I REALLY don't think people would have been that upset, and I DEFINITELY don't think management would have kicked them out.  I can just see Huff Post now if that kind of "discrimination" occurred in real life.
- Christina's campaign manager.  :(
- Is Julia going to have an affair with that big furry man from the Sustainability Committee?  Is anyone else getting that vibe? (Has she SEEN Joel lately?!?)

Ok... That about does it!  What did you think?!?


  1. I don't watch either of these shows, but I am aware that they are shows. That said...it still took me a minute to realize that that's what you were referring to when I read the title of your blog. If you don't know you're talking about shows, you might really think you were in for a juicy blog today. ;)

  2. i'm not watching either... and i'm only slightly cursing you for turning me on to mistreses. and now i need to know when it's coming back on again... :)

  3. So many things on Parenthood I could talk about right now. The bridal magazine scene had me tearing up. My husband is all "BABE ARE THOSE TEARS???". ha. yes. Sap. I actually like the campaign manager, she's business and she's thorough. I am super nervous about this Julia/dude thing going on. Like, I can see the emotional connection going on and I'm skurrrred.:( And also, I would have gotten up and left the restaurant too but that's just because I'm too worried about what other people think. It was a *tad* unrealistic though ;)

  4. I've watched Parenthood since the first season and really like it. However, it's getting a bit too much here lately. I'm not even sure what it is exactly. I fast forward Sarah's scenes b/c she annoys me! I totally think Julia is going to be tempted to have an affair with that guy. I love Zeke.

  5. I should probably just say YES to all of this and move on. But I'm way too long-winded for that. So...
    -my favorite part of this whole post? #heisntreallyinahole. Love it. And I worry about him too, although I still refer to him as Noel, no matter how many things I've seen him in since Felicity.
    - the campaign manager was Michelle's friend Denise on Full House, so I think that makes me like her better. I'm all "aww, Denise is all grown up!" Plus I like that she called out Adam's real feelings.
    - that restaurant scene drove me insane. The parent definitely would have stepped outside - and they still wouldn't have thrown them out of the restaurant. Though I am liking the difficult baby story line in general.
    - I read somewhere last spring that the producers were thinking about "challenging" Julia and Joel's marriage, so I'm worried about the scruffy guy and the girl Joel is working with (Pete? I know it was a guy's name). Hopefully it will end at toeing the line though.

  6. I've never commented before, but you talk about my two favorite shows so I have to! Though, I haven't caught up on Scandal yet - I skimmed right past that part. My question for Parenthood is - are they really going to pretend that Haddie doesn't exist? I mean, I was tired of her before she moved off to college but now it's like she was never born!

    Totally nervous about the whole Julia/volunteer guy thing... And I want Mark Cyr back!!!!

  7. I only read half your post today because I am not at all caught up with Parenthood. I started watching the show on Netflix when I had my second daughter. I just finished season three and she is one month old. At this rate I will be all caught up soon.

  8. I don't watch either show and I feel left out and just wanted to say "hi" :p

  9. Love love love Parenthood mainly because it isn't a cookie cutter show. They show how real people handle stuff - which is not always pretty. I hope Julia doesn't have an affair. I love her and Joel and he is HOT! Christina's campaign manager was on Full House as a child (one of Michelle's friends) - I can't get over that and take her character seriously.

  10. I love Scandal. I fellow teacher of mine tried to tell me to watch it last season, but I never did. So over the summer I decided to watch EVERY stinkin episode. Let me just say I was hooked right away. Why did I wait to watch this show. I would totally agree with you on all of the characters that you commented on, especially Melly. She is an amazing actress. I always look forward to what is going to come out of her mouth. I would also agree I secretly want Fitz and Olivia to be together:)

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  12. OMG! I love Parenthood. I have not seen Scandal. On Parenthood...

    1-The restaurant scene was absurd. Ridiculous. I am not yet a mom, but i truly feel that i would have left the restaurant. Honestly i probably would have stayed home! LOL. But i understand she cries all the time, maybe they wanted to get out of the house. Still. Surely the mom would have stepped outside for a bit, i see moms do that all the time. And i seriously doubt the manager would have approached them like that. Give me a break! I also thought Crosby LOST HIS MIND, and i know that can happen with even the most easygoing people when they are exhausted, but... it was a bit much.
    2-Love Zeke & Camille, and Adam & Kristina. I understand why Adam doesn't think it's the right time... it's not just her cancer, is it? I mean, they have kids! And business! And that's a lot! But when she was giving her speech & he saw the crowd clapping, i think he had a moment of... "she can do this!" You know?
    3-I do think Amber is so young, but i am happy for her & i love her guy (despite his past issues). I did love that last scene. I cried too!
    4-HATED the campaign manager at first but in her last little scene with Kristina, i decided she really is just driven & wants Kristina to win. I thought she was going to bad mouth Adam to Kristina, but she really just gave her a little hint that he isn't being too supportive. You know? I don't know. I liked that. However, i couldn't stand her when she was drilling Adam!
    5-I don't think Julia was really interested in that guy until she admitted she lied to him and he was cool about it - and she looked back at him like... "hm...i like him". Oh, god. Please please no. I really hope it's just a test of their marriage & not an all-out affair! :(

    The best show on television! (Along with Grey's & Law & Order SVU. :) )

  13. That was way too long. But one more thing. I saw someone else mention Haddie. Where is Haddie?! I know she went to college, but if i remember right, she came home & they didn't tell her that her mom's cancer was back... which i thought was HORRIBLE of them (as much as i love them!). But the writers of the show should've mentioned her in other character's dialogue, right? Strange.


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