Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Midweek Confessions 10/2

- I recently switched to chewable/gummy multivitamins because I'm eight years old and, since this change, I haven't missed a single day of taking my vitamins.  In fact, some days I take double (or more) the recommended amount because they are just so delicious good for you.

- My students have a group on Facebook that I am not a part of.  It came up in class yesterday that one of them had posted a quote from the novel we are reading and a lively discussion ensued.  For a split second, this was one of my proudest teacher moments... Then, it came out that the quote was from a scene where one character describes another characters butt. Awesome. #dreamscrushed

-  The fenderliner* on my passenger-side front tire has come lose and is dragging and scrapping against the tire when I drive.  At first, it was only when I made left turns; but now, there is a horrifying sound that travels with me wherever I go.  It is BAD people - like, it sounds like my car is going to blow up at any moment and one of my neighbors texted the other day to make sure it was "safe to drive."  The problem is really minor - probably less than $100 to fix it (or I could just cut the plastic off and call it a day) - but I really only think about it when I am in the car, and so I keep forgetting to get it fixed. As if I needed anything else to draw attention to my driving. #doesthiswarrantanewcar *a word that I looked up online to describe the big piece of plastic hanging from my front tire.

- I have officially become the kind of person that has a room in my house in which no one may enter. Clean clothes, dirty clothes, old toys, materials for "future projects," etc. etc. It ALL goes in my guest room. Currently, I am enforcing a very strict No Trespassing rule in there - even for Jeff and, especially for Sam (He could easily get seriously injured or, worse, lost in there.)

Ok! Enough about me... Your turn! Link up below!!

P.S.S.  I got on a emailing frenzy Monday and fired off a bunch of emails I've been needing to send for a while now.  And, what do you know, now I can't keep up with responding to all of the replies.  If you've emailed or commented lately and haven't heard back from me, please know that I'm SO thankful for your emails, and I PROMISE I won't forget about you!  (Well, I at least promise I won't forget about you on purpose, feel free to send me a reminder if you want to in a few days!)  

P.S.S. I've got two sponsored posts coming up back to back on Thursday and Friday.  I'm giving you fair warning and apologizing in advance.  I really try not to do that and to be sure that sponsored posts are NOT the majority of what you reading here, but the timing just worked out weirdly this time.  I'm sorry!  On a good note, the first one involves me doing some "fashion blogging" which is always a hoot and the next includes some pretty sincere and deep thoughts on education and what I want for my kid.  

You guys are the BEST at showing grace! 


  1. I've had an "off-limits" room for quite some time!!! I have NEVER been one of those people to have the "sanctuary" type bedroom where one could escape away in to and enjoy a blissful cup of coffee with a good book...LOL! I can't believe I just admitted that on the world wide web. I am nothing if I'm not a train-wreck half of the time....just being honest!

  2. LOL at the car. Also "hear hear" to the gummy vites. I could definitely just eat the whole bottle of them. I try not to. But I never miss a day now! (Also, I sneer at the girls who claim they eat theirs 'for dessert.' Right. Because two bites of gummy sour candy is sufficient to count as DESSERT? Shut up, skinny people.)

    1. For some reason, I can't figure out how to comment without doing so as a reply to Erika's post. I know she won't mind, and I have to say this: Wow! I love that your kids have a Facebook page devoted to your class that they created themselves! How awesome is that-- even if they do talk about butts a little, they've still independently created an online learning community. Too cool!

    2. I am super angry that Megan commented as a reply to me. GOSH. ;)

  3. Ok, now I can clearly see (and use) the comment button. I have no idea what happened.

  4. I love that your students have a Facebook group!

  5. I feel good that your 1st thought wasn't "I wasn't invited to join the group" bc that's what mine would have been. Just trim the tire and save the money for more vitamins! Win win

  6. Hysterical! I have chewable multi-vitamins too! Lol!

  7. instead of being horrified, I'm jealous of your catch-all guest room... I need one of those, badly. also I love that you were proud of your students for having a secret Facebook group - my initial reaction would have been, "why wasn't I invited"... that's always where my mind goes (even when it involves teenage social media) I have serious issues with feeling left out.
    how much do I owe you for the therapy session?
    PS - before I read your mini-disclaimer, I forgot that emailing between us even transpired last week - I used to pride myself on having a steel trap for a mind. xoxo


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