Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Would You Get a Pixie Cut?

First, a quick note: THANK YOU for your sweet words and participation in my Get & GIVE Away yesterday!  I have absolutely loved reading all of your comments and hearing about the charities that are close to your hearts.  I love this community so much and can't wait to see all the good we can do together! (Contest runs through Dec. 15th.  Click here to enter.)

*Also, for those of you that prayed for my friend Annie on Thanksgiving Day after I told you about doctors finding cancer in one of her ovaries. They got the results of 19 biopsies back yesterday and found NO more cancer! She will not have to have chemo or receive any other treatments. THANK YOU for your prayers - God works miracles!! :)

And now, on to the (very important) regularly scheduled programming...

So, I saw Catching Fire over the break.  LOVED it.  It made me think about a lot of things, but mostly - my hair.  Naturally.  Surely you've heard by now about Jennifer Lawrence being the latest star to chop off all her hair...

I guess its just the latest "it" thing; but, many of the most classic beauties in Hollywood today have sported the pixie cut at some time or another...

Google Image search for "celebrities with pixie cuts"
I've actually always really liked this style.  (I think Selma Blair's hair in the late 1990s was the first time I ever paid attention to it.)  There is just something about really short hair on a woman it that just says "confidence" and "class" to me.  My friend Libby - who cut her hair into an adorable pixie after finishing chemo treatment a few years ago - says her husband was crazy about the cut.  He said there was nothing she could hide behind.  (Who knew I could get so deep about a haircut, right?)

Anyway, I love it, but I've always felt like I could never pull it off.  My face is too round.  My face is too boring.  I am too short.  I am not skinny.  I don't wear enough dramatic eye make-up. 

I'm happy with my long hair for now; but, I wonder if I will ever have the courage to do the chop.  I kind-of hope so!

Would you get a pixie cut?  Why or why not?


  1. Eeeek scary!! I'd like to think I could, but...really? I like having my hair to hide behind. :) And I definitely have this impression that only really skinny people can pull off a pixie, which I'm not...maybe I should Google "regular-to-chubby cute people with pixies"??

  2. I LOVE the pixie cut....BUT I am not sure I could pull it off. I also have a very round face... How about you try it and then we can decide if the "round face" can pull it off.

  3. I'd love a pixie cut for myself. When my hair re-grew after chemotherapy at 14 years old, I had one, and I think it looks cute on the pictures. But I was 14 then, very skinny after the illness I'd been through, so I don't know if I could pull it off. I mean I'm not skinny, don't wear (feel comfortable with) a lot of make up, and I'm certainly not stylish either. Plus my husband claims he hates short hair on women. So... I keep on dreaming ;-)

  4. I wanted one so badly this past spring, but with curly hair, I think I'd end up looking like little Orphan Annie!!! I think it looks great on certain people, but I don't think I'm one of those people, unfortunately. :(

  5. I'm not afraid to try the haircut...it is just the whole growing it back out thing that stops me. But I LOVE it on other people :)

  6. A pixie cut would look awful on me! On some people it looks super stylish - mainly on celebrities!

    I love your blog! I have just started my first blog actually...


  7. I did once... and it was kind of awful! I think I have the wrong face shape for that hair style so now I'm sticking with my medium to long locks.

  8. Remember short hair is a lot of maintenance. You pretty much have to wash your hair every single day and you can't opt for a messy bun, pony tail, or braid. It looks really easy, but those perfectly tousled messy styles take tons of hair product, blow drying, and flat irons to make happen. Once every few years, I totally decide to go short (not quite pixie short) and instantly regret it.

  9. My husband would have a MELTDOWN if I ever cut my hair into a pixie- like I think he would consider that grounds for divorce! He hates short hair on women. Not even an option for this momma. I definitely think women who pull it off best have feminine features and makeup is kind of a must-have.

  10. I'm terrified of drastic haircuts--I know it can grow back, but it takes a long time!! Excited to see what you decide though:)

  11. Contrary to what most of you think, you don't have to be super skinny to pull of a pixie cut! I've had one for about 3 years now and I don't see myself going back anytime soon. My face isn't thin, but the cut actually makes it look thinner. And as far as thinking it's high maintenance, not at all! When I was it I do blow dry it to give it a little more volume then put it a little pomade to give it some texture, but 5 mins tops and I'm done. Plus I've actually gotten really lazy and rock 2nd and 3rd day hair quite frequently... sometimes even 4 day. (don't tell!) Yes, I do use products in it on those days, but it's still not much time and effort. I did baby step my way to the pixie with a bob that kept getting shorter, so I think that's a safe way to go about it. I think all of you would be surprised at how a pixie can make you feel thinner... and like a celebrity! :)

  12. You could totally pull it off! I always love pixie cuts...except on Kate Gosselin.

  13. I just took the plunge and got a pixie cut last week! I also have a roundish face, don't wear any makeup, and don't have a unusually girly style of dress. I LOVE IT. I might not keep it forever, or even for very long but I feel so liberated. Showering is AMAZING and for once in my life I really feel brave and "me". I don't put any product in my hair, pixie doesn't have to mean high maintenance! My boyfriend isn't a huge fan, but it's only hair. It grows back. I have no regrets.


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