Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Juan-uary: My Final Four Picks (& an idea)

First, a couple of thoughts about last night's episode and this season in general:

The episode started with Clare's one-on-one date to a winter wonderland in LA which, to be honest, kind-of bored me.  Mostly, I spent the entire date wondering whether the snow was actually cold or just a neutral-temperature powder since they seemed to need to wear boots and coats for sledding, but could later dance in bathing suits only.  It was very confusing.  Also, I'm curious whether or not the producers tell the girls what to wear on these dates because Clare had enough foresight to wear a coat (in LA when all the other girls were in cut-offs and tank tops) but NOT to leave her heels at home.  #deepthoughts

I think Kat is just darling and was an incredible sport about the fact that she got TOTALLY JIPPED on a date - seriously, running a 5K does NOT count as a date, I don't care how many strobe lights you attach to it.  She and Juan Pablo both managed to make running in hideous neon outfits look not only attractive, but also kind-of sexy, so kudos to them.  They seem to have good chemistry and, maybe, a future in the highlighter business.

And then, the group date.  Oh, where to begin...  Let's start here: I'm all for charity and helping animals, but I couldn't stand how they kept acting like this was the most philanthropic thing ever. It was an opportunity to get the girls to pose in ridiculous costumes (or lack there of) and act a fool because "it's for charity."  Dumb.  Even dumber, I was SO mad when Juan Pablo convinced Andi to pose naked when she didn't want to. For future reference guys (all two of you reading) if a girl doesn't want to do something, you say "I will respect whatever you decide" and mean it.  Honestly, as the father of a little girl, I really had higher hopes for him.  (I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he did seem to handle the nudity respectfully and, I realize, that in some cultures - like maybe Spanish? - it isn't considered as big of a deal, but still.)

Victoria was a HOT MESS.  She is just further proof that there should be an age limit for contestants on the show.  *Kudos to JP for sending her little Brazilian booty home and not wasting time - that's the JP we know and love!!

And now, here are my Final Four Picks:

1. Andi - the District Attorney from Atlanta

I think she is just beautiful.  I like her style and the way she seems to carry herself with class and confidence.  That said, the part in the episode last night where she was worried about being naked on TV because she "sends people to jail everyday for a living" and then was so easily convinced by Juan Pablo that it would be an "adventure" made me doubt her intelligence a bit.  I mean, really?  You are an attorney and you thought that logic was strong and convincing enough? Ugg.  You already know my thoughts on that whole thing.

2. Clare - the hairstylist from Sacramento

I'm still not sure how I feel about her personally - there is something about the way that she pauses in her speech and enunciates her words (I know, I'm getting a little carried away here) that rubs me the wrong way; but, I think she is very pretty and a freaking genius for having this mysterious DVD that her father made before passing away for her future husband.  She'll be here until the final three FOR SURE.  Also, she seems to have one of the better eyes for fashion in the house, so I'm fine with her sticking around for a bit.

3. Nikki - the pediatric nurse from Missouri

I really WANT to like her, but something is keeping me from going "all in" for her.  #Ithinkitsherroots Regardless, she seems to be a "crowd favorite" already, and I really appreciate how much she loves her job as a pediatric nurse.  Lots of potential here.

4. Kat - the medical sales rep from Iowa City

I also really like both Alli (the nanny from Illinois) and Lauren (the musician from Detroit) - is it just me or do they seem kindof like BFFs already? - but they aren't getting a lot of the coveted one-on-one time (or screen time for that matter) so I'm not sure how that will fare for them.  Either way, I appreciate that they seem like normal, down-to-earth girls that somehow managed to end up on national television to meet a man.

The other remaining girls?

Cassandra - Pretty but just too young (she's only 21).  Plus, I can't handle the tears this early on. #nothanks

Chelsie - Not very memorable; but, obviously someone likes her since she makes it far enough to stare in an M&M commercial with J.P. Right?

Christy - Is she even on the show?

Danielle - WHAT was she wearing at the rose ceremony?  Better yet, how did Juan Pablo even know her name to give her a rose.  I feel like they spent ZERO time together.

Elise - Although at times she looks a little too pagent-ish for my taste, I actually really like her.  I think she's really pretty, handled the naked "costume" situation perfectly, and I'm always a little bias towards teachers (although, I am wondering if she really teaches first grade in a pencil skirt suit and all that make-up every day?).

Kelly - She earned a little of the credibility she LOST from claiming her occupation as "dog lover" back with me by wearing that absolutely hideous costume for the photo shoot without whining; but, still, I can't help but wonder if she is drunk pretty much every time she speaks.  #IlikeMollythough

Lucy - Ah Lucy, the free spirit.  Let's just say, I feel confident that she will find a suitor from this show (although my money's NOT on J.P), and I feel very sorry for her parents.

Renee - My friends and I have taken to calling her "mama bear."  She definitely stands out as one of the more mature and ready-to-be-a-mom (maybe because she already is one) girls on the group. I think if she and Juan Pablo met in real life (or the producers had nothing to do with how this whole show runs), they would probably be a great couple and really happy together.  As it stands, I think she'll just be the "friend."

Sharleen - She rubs me the wrong way and - from the looks of the previews - it isn't going to get better.

What about you?  Who are you liking so far?  Not so much?  What are your picks for the final four? 

And now, a little idea I have brewing...

*** The Bachelor "What I'd Wear" Link-Up  ***

Probably my favorite part of watching The Bachelor is seeing all the beautiful (and hideous - ahem, Victoria & Amy L.) clothes the girls wear.  I was thinking for next Tuesday, it might be fun to host a little linky party where we all share what we would wear for 1.) lounging around the mansion, 2.) a casual date, 3.) the rose ceremony, and 4.) the hot tub.  These could be outfits similar to what the actual contestants wear (like "I just loved Lucy's white gown at the rose ceremony last night" - NOT) or we could put together our own outfits using Polyvore or something like that and "shopping" the internet. What do you guys think?  Be honest, would you participate?  *Let me know, and I'll get some details together if there seems to be enough interest!


  1. I'd totally participate! My top four are Nikki, Andi, Renee & Kat. I disagree about the 5k date - I think that would be such a fun first date and I enjoyed that much more than the awkward photo shoot and making out in a hot tub when you've just known a guy for a hot second...

  2. I also felt like the Winter Wonderland date was kinda awkward. Fun idea, but...kinda uncomfortable? And I was also curious about what it actually FELT like out there the whole time. The 5k...well, I'm glad she was fit, at least. :) They did make it look super hot, though. And at least it wasn't just awkward small talk and hot tub time, like Sarah Elizabeth above said. So glad Victoria left, so mystified that Kelly is still around. So unsure why JP seemed to wisely think of Victoria through the "would she be a good mother to my child" lens and act accordingly...but he forgot about that when it came to ol' Free Spirit Nakey Butt Lucy? UGH. CANNOT STAND HER. She is everything I can't stand in humanity. Sorry, is that a bit strong? Go back to your hippie commune, Lucy. Don't nobody need you here. In my bracket (that we had to fill out before the first episode aired, so it's ONLY based on the girls' ABC profiles) I picked Andi to win-- so I'm really glad I love her so much so far!! (I based that choice on her being from ATL and choosing Scandal as her favorite show!!) I totally agree that Renee is the group mom, but I really love her too and I think that JP will see her maternal side (with both her own kid AND with the other girls) as a good thing? At least I hope? So I hope she makes it far. At least she's not just drama.

    And of COURSE you can count me in for the linkup! At first I thought you meant we'd share pictures of ourselves in outfits for those different scenarios. Yall were going to be really surprised that to see me wearing a muumuu in the hot tub!

    1. Oh yeah!!! The naked modeling situation w/ Andi! She and JP both said on Twitter last night that they DID get to wear flesh-colored underwear/boobie covers during the shoot...like actors wear in sex scenes. And JP also hinted that he tried to get the producers to change the situation when he saw how uncomfortable Andi was with it, but they wouldn't. So...they both win points from me for that.

  3. Love your analytics... spot on. And seriously I don't know how guys stay up until 10 pm... I only made it through half of the winter wonderland date. I am excited to watch all the drama on the group date tonight...gotta love DVR!

    Speaking of outfit choices... I have always wondered how the girls know what to pack. Is there a Bachelor packing list that states... three skimpy bikinis... several prom dresses... 18 pairs of heels... I mean how do they know? And furthermore if JP keeps them around they can end up in all types of climates. I bet there is an extensive packing list, because their suitcases are HUGE.

    1. Good point. But I bet Lucy's wardrobe fit into a quart-sized ziplock baggie...

  4. I would totally join in on the linkup!

    I was so uncomfortable with the nude photo shoot. Reading that they did get to wear the flesh undies made me feel a bit better, but still. It just goes to show the producers will spin the show the way they want-- viewers were left with the impression they wore absolutely nothing except for the sign.

  5. I would for sure dump the boyfriend who made me run a 5k on our first date! Poor Kat!

  6. Soooooo.... I have to admit that since I'm from KC, I know people who know people who know Nikki and apparently she had a hometown in KC! She went to one of our favorite BBQ joints so at least you're on the right track with her. Now I'm just gonna cross my fingers that you're not mad at me for telling you that!!!!! :)

  7. LOVE this!!! I kind of liked the 5k idea...but I like that kind of stuff...I think it was a fun way to hang out without awkwardness and I'm all about that hahha!! And for some reason I like Sharleen...I think it's the way she wasn't so obsessive over him at first that kind of stood out to me and I love her classy style...HOWEVER, the previews last night showed a little DRAMA brewing with her...uh oh!!! The drama on this show always has me begging for more LOL!!! :)


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