Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day Confessions

We are out of school for the second day in a row (third if you count MLK Day on Monday) for snow today.  Yes, I have the best job ever.   Confessions today, but first... Nikki Miller and Sarah Hall are the proud new owners of the book Bread and Wine for responding to my reader poll and commenting here last week. Both of these girls are loyal blog readers and friends (Sarah and I actually know each other in real life, and Nikki is one of my very best commenters/ I feel like we know each other in real life), so I'm happy to send a little treat their way! Thank you to ALL of you that answered the questions on my survey and provided such helpful and positive feedback.  You guys are the best!

And now, let's embarrass my mother...

- I'm like a thirteen year old when it snows.  I can't sleep, and I check my phone (and out the window) every ten minutes for an alert that school is cancelled.  I was literally a ball of nerves hoping we would be out for a second day today. It's ridiculous really.  (I like my job, really, I do.  There is just something about the game of it.  And the extra time to put-off grading essays.)

- At any given point, there is a 98% chance that I have a bag of trash (or three) hanging at my back door waiting to go out.

- I have had a weekend, a holiday, and a snow day off from work; and, yet, Jeff and I slept sleeping bag style on two blankets last night because our favorite sheets are still "being washed" after Pukefest 2014 on Sunday.

- I am entirely too emotionally invested in the lives of the Bravermans.  Especially Joel and Julia's relationship right now.  (Side note: Didn't everyone see that Hank had Aspergers?)  I knew it from the first time we met. #seewhatImean)

- I have come to the conclusion that parenthood (the real thing, not the TV show) has made me slow. Physically slower - although probably mentally too.  This is weird since it seems moms are notorious for being able to do TONS in a short amount of time and move a mile a minute.  I don't know what it is, but everything takes me 108978 minutes longer than it used to.  And, usually, I can't even blame Sam.  Anyone else? 

I'd love to hear what you have to confess today!  Let's give this link-up another go, ok?


  1. Hello from a fellow high school English teacher! We, too, are off today... and I completely get what you mean about "the game" of snow days because I do the same thing! Isn't it great? I'm sure I'll be upset in June when we're making the days up - but, for now, I'm giddy!

    Enjoy the day!!
    Shannon in PA

  2. I really miss the 'WILL IT SNOW AND CANCEL SCHOOL!?!??!!' aspect of teaching. Even though it DIDN'T at least 99% of the time The game of it IS fun. :) Now I work at a place that will probably stay open even if it snows...not nearly as exciting.

  3. Fellow Parenthood fanatic here! Yes, I knew as soon as Hank stepped on the scene that his character was there for Max, not Sarah. He's precious! Now - Julia and Joel are throwing me for a loop! Was is not just 5 minutes ago that Joel was a compassionate SAHD?? Both characters have shifted so drastically that it makes me question the writers a little bit.
    For the first time, I'm invested in Zeek and Camille's story line. Having two little ones at home, we are far from their stage of life, but it interests me as I look towards the future.

  4. First off... I am SOOO excited that I won! I never win.

    Second, I totally played the Russian roulette of snow days yesterday and totally LOST... we ended up with a two hour delay and I had to pull out a review lesson out you know where...

    I heart snow husband jokes that one of the main reasons he became a teacher is because he loves snow days so much

  5. Joel is making me crazy... I feel like Julia is trying so hard to fix things and he had already given up. And I talk to everyone about it. And I think about them a lot. I love that show.

  6. Die hard Parenthood fan here. I want to be a Braverman LOL Every Thursday night I lock myself in my bedroom and everyone knows not to disturb me until it's over

  7. Oh my gosh I can't believe I won! I never win anything! Yay!

    And Parenthood. I almost don't want to watch Thursday's new episode because I know I am going to bawl like a baby. Last week's episode bothered me so much that I had trouble falling asleep. I don't know why Joel is being such a jerk. I keep having to remind myself that its only a TV show. But man what a good one!

  8. I'm the same with snow days (or too cold days this year from the Polar Vortex!). I'm terrible with wanting the instant gratification of more sleep/time tomorrow but then going longer at the end. Oh well!


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