Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Confession Time

- The other night, I dropped a pen in the cushion of my favorite chair and went "digging" to find it.  In my search, I uncovered not only the pen but also approximately six pennies, nine Goldfish crackers, and two Legos.  Without hesitation, I took the pen and pushed the other items back into the crevice. #Iwillvacuumsoon

- I am LOVING Zumba; but, I'm slightly concerned about the songs I now find myself humming and singing to myself all the time.  Today's pick? "Talk Dirty to Me" by ________.  (I don't know because I was afraid to type in the song title on my school computer.) ;)

- Poppy is having some trouble with food, so I took him a chocolate milkshake (his favorite) last week at lunch time.  When I got to his room, his roommate informed me that he was in therapy and wouldn't be back for a while.  Since I was just sitting there - and it was melting - I decided to have a sip of the milkshake.  Fifteen minutes later (and 750 calories - can you believe that?!?), when he finally returned, there was approximately 1/4th of the milkshake left for him.  Oops.  #notonmydiet

- I am a giddy school girl over the possibility of a big blizzard here today.  I have done NOTHING all week in anticipation of several days of being snowed-in and doing nothing again.  It's bad.

Got anything to confess today?  I'd love for you to join me and link-up below!


  1. haha!
    Our school already closed for tomorrow.

    I have eaten TWO muffins and a BAGEL with the excuse that it is "Valentine's Day Treats"... no idea why that gives me a license to consume carbs.

  2. hahah... too funny! We're on day 3 of no school here in Atlanta, and considering it's still snowing, I'm thinking our original 3-day President's Day weekend will be turning into a week-long Winter Break. And all I have to say to that is WOO-HOO! Stay warm and soak up these do-nothing days!!

  3. I had to laugh at your shoving-into-the-cushion story because I am way too guilty of that!! If we can't see it, it doesn't exist right?? ;-) I LOVE Zumba! Some of the songs though I know!! Ha!! I found a group that does pretty clean ones though so it helps! I can just imagine you typing that into your school computer ;-) maybe leave "dirty" out and just search "lyrics to" in front. Good times though!! I love the workout Zumba has!! I need to get back! Feel free to send some snow our way! We got nothing!

  4. I am the exact same when it comes to Zumba songs. Lately it's Lady Gaga 'do what you want, what you want with my body' that I get stuck in my head && have to make sure I'm never singing those lyrics out loud around my high schoolers! awkward!

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