Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Addy's BFF

Meet Squeaky Toy.

This little dude is Addy's Best Friend Forever. If you have been to our house EVER, there is a 99% chance you have met Squeaky Toy. It goes everywhere with our beloved girl; and, because we support creepy addictions at our house, Jeff & I go right along with it. Our favorite game: hiding "Squeaky" in all sorts of odd places (including in the chandelier, as pictured) to drive Addy crazy.

A little history...

My "Secret Pal" at school gave me this hilarious toy last year right after Thanksgiving. (Thus the purpose of this post, we are celebrating Squeaky's first birthday!) I took one look at it, imagined my "champion chewer" pooch, and gave it two days to live. Little did I know the relationship that would ensue...

Addy is literally obsessed with this toy. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. Squeaky goes everywhere with her, all the while crying out an annoying high pitched squeal - either in joy or pain, the verdict is still unclear. This noise is just background music at our house, much to the dismay of many an unsuspecting house guest. Jeff & I have even adapted Squeaky for our benefit, typically using it to get Addy to do ANYTHING we want - i.e. pose for the above picture wearing antlers. :)

At night, Jeff places Squeaky in some tall location so that Addy cannot squeak during the night. Then, in the morning - before eating, peeing, passing go, or collecting 200 hundred dollars - Addy heads straight to her BFF. Many a morning I have found her standing beneath the mantel staring longingly at it, perhaps for hours. No lie.

Recently Squeaky died a sad death. Tso, Howard's dog, was jealous of it and decided to take out her aggression on something smaller than her. Luckily, I found an EXACT replica at Kroger. Addy was delighted and never knew the difference. (This is good practice for what we probably will have to do with a pet hampster or something one day!) We parents do whatever it takes to keep our kids quiet and happy.

Happy Birthday Squeaky, may you squeak on for many years to come!


  1. I thoroughly enjoy Squeaky Toy and I'm glad he's been resurrected. And that new photo of Addy is absolutely precious. :)

  2. awwww.....what is it with golden retreivers and their toys?! Does Addy pick it up gently like its so precious- So funny!

  3. Ok, this totally made my day. Better yet, the photo is the best part of it!!!!!! What momma's do for their babies :)


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