Sunday, January 3, 2010

TV Junkie!!

I think, despite my greatest efforts, my real New Year's Resolution is to watch more TV. Is that bad?  Isn't it kind-of like committing to drinking more, eating more, or cussing more in 2010? You don't hear those resolutions much, do you?

My house is set up to make TV watching as undesirable as possible.  To begin with, we don't have cable.  This was something Jeff "gave up" for us one day on a whim last year.  We did not discuss it.  Then, we got one of those digital converter boxes that the government was giving out --- I'm not sure, but I think they were kind-of like "entertainment welfare," and we jumped right on that bandwagon.  Anyway, when Jeff set up the man cave this summer, he messed up the wires and now we get only ONE fuzzy channel on our main TV.  Thus, our current situation forces me to sit in the dirty, freezing, basement every time I want to "relax" and watch a show.

But, fear not, I will not let these inconveniences deter me from my goal.

Here are the three shows I am committing to --- beginning RIGHT NOW.

1. Brothers & Sisters (ABC - Sunday 10PM) -- I LOVE Calista Flockhart... even if she really doesn't eat.

2. The Bachelor (ABC - Monday 8PM) -- This, and my love of Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus music, are my guilty pleasures.

3. The Biggest Loser (NBC - Tuesday 8PM) -- Which, for the record, I DO plan on watching this from the treadmill at the gym... VERY motivating!

**All three of these shows premiere this week... so if my blog posts suffer, please understand.

What are you watching this year?  I'm always up for a good challenge!


  1. Um- Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and the BACHELOR- ALL my guilty pleasures. Why aren't we best friends yet!?!? I also may or may not have watched every season of Laguna Beach, Newport Harbor, The Hills, and The City.
    I also watch The Biggest Loser off an on. Mostly I just use Tivo and fast forward to the weigh ins.
    My fave shows: The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and Scrubs.

  2. Dear Sister, wasnt your new years resloution last year to cuss more? I think you REALLY need to re eval. your NYRs... just a thought, none the less, i love you.. probably more because of your hilarious resolutions. Goodbye!!

  3. I know its trash tv...but I'm committed to the Jersey Shore- it's so ridiculous that I can't help but watch it!


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