Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Classroom Decor (& Midweek Laughs Preview)

Thanks for your sweet comments Sunday and Monday about my laundry room & my "first day" outfit.  (FYI: I teach HIGH SCHOOL... So, the comments my students make aren't quite as "cute" as they are awkward.  But, I can still get a good laugh from them!)

Today, I wanted to show off my classroom a little bit because I know there are lots of teachers out there and we are always looking for ideas to make outdated concrete walls and flourescent lighting look cozy... Enjoy!

(That's a graffiti wall my students made a few years back behind my desk... We do that activity as part of our "social injustices" unit and The Outsiders... It is always a crowd favorite!)

Notice my map with tacks pointing out all the stops on our XC trip this summer... The kids aren't nearly as impressed with this as I'd hoped; but, it still makes a nice wall cover!

My little work station, and the trusty cart I toted from classroom to classroom my first two years!

Thank you Target $1 bins for having cute stick on letters... A teacher's dream!

I spy a.... Shakespeare Bobble Head! Haha! Remember when I freaked out because of my Activ Board last year?

And, last, my little reading spot - a must-have for the English classroom. Although, let's be honest, very little "quiet reading" goes on over there!

Hope you enjoyed my tour!

And, now, a preview for tomorrow's Mid-Week Laughs:
(Thank you SOOO much to all my friends who participated last week.  Literally, made.my.week.  PLEASE come back tomorrow!!)

Are you tired and grouchy by Wednesday afternoon? Does the weekend seem ALL too far away? Could you use a GOOD LAUGH? That's what "Mid-Week Laughs" is all about... Take a minute, sit back, and enjoy a good, hearty, brings-tears-to-your-eyes, belly laugh. It's good for the soul!
mid-week laughs at emyselfandi.com
This week's topic is:
__________________ makes me laugh when I think about MY HIGH SCHOOL SELF!

Come back tomorrow & link up your post on this topic...  This is gonna be good!


  1. It looks beautiful!! I had a futon in my room last year with a coffee table - it was our little reading spot :) We are doing teacher professional development right now and I can't wait to get into my classroom next week and beautify :) English teachers get to make things pretty, don't we?? :)

  2. I could only hope that all kids could have you as a teacher, E..... your room is so great!! and so are you!!! You make me so proud! I just love your enthusiasm!!!

  3. I teach High School in Oklahoma and I am sad to see that other young teachers have to deal with awkward comments! HA! I was wondering if I could get that social injustice unit from you? It seems interesting and I was thinking I could modify it to fit a government class! jlee@bixbyps@org! Thanks! Good luck this school year!

  4. Your classroom looks so great! I love the Keep Calm Carry On poster, so true for students!

  5. love the classroom, cute rug! And great flowers! Wish I woulda had a hip teacher back when I was in HS, instead mine were all like 80! lol

  6. Your classroom looks great! mine isn't even all the way together and the kids come tomorrow!!!

  7. E,what a wonderful looking classroom. Hope that you'll have a wonderful school year.
    Love you,
    Aunt D

  8. WOW! Your classroom is fantastic! I would love to get a side by side of Alan's classroom and your classroom- hilarious.
    I'm incredibly envious of your organizational skills. Sigh...I lack those!

  9. please tell me where you get a pink filing cabinet from....

  10. Hi, I found your blog through Pinterest and was super excited to see that you were a high school teacher! I am really interested in the graffiti wall from your Outsiders unit. Is there a way I can get some information on it? My email is mrsdavitabrown@yahoo.com. I look forward to reading your blog!


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