Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Better Kind of To-Do List

From Whatever... The Summer List
Now that school is out, I finally have some time to do things I not only NEED to do (and there are still plenty of those things too), but also things I really WANT to do.  Since I don't know exactly when Baby C will arrive, I've committed myself to making the most of these last few weeks that I have to myself. 

So, here's the start of my Non-Stressful/ Last Days of Being Babyless To-Do List:

1. Take a walk every morning.

2. Drink (decaf) coffee and read my Bible on the front porch.

3. Take naps whenever I feel like it.

4. Sunbathe at Kathryn's pool.  (Literally the only place in the world I'd be caught dead in a bathing suit right now... Labor has to look better with a tan, right?)

5. Read novels just for fun.  (The Hunger Games & Black Heels to Tractor Wheels are on my list currently.)

6. Have several date nights with Jeff - dinner, movies, etc.

7. Spend time with Poppy.

8. Do fun decorating projects around the house. (i.e. the frame project I've been planning for a YEAR)

9. Try out new recipes and do lots of cooking!  (Invite friends over for dinner once a week.)

10. Catch up with long-distance friends on the phone and local ones over lunch and/or frozen yogurt.

11. Blog more.  (My loved ones have been very clear in telling me how boring my blog is lately.)

12. Get a pedicure, manicure, AND pre-natal massage.  (If you can't spoil yourself when you're almost 9 months pregnant, when can you?)

13. Spend my evenings on the deck.

14. Take a weekend away with just Jeff and Addy. (Don't worry - we won't go far!)

15. Finish my darn scrapbook & update the Baby Book.

What should I add? 


  1. My first time commenting, but reading this "to-do list" makes me all the more excited about my own September pre-baby "vacation". I support #11 and am so glad to hear you're taking full advantage of your last few weeks of baby-less-ness. You might want to add something about enjoying indecisive shopping trips and wandering malls aimlessly with no concept of time... when my daughter arrived 'trying things on for fun' flew out the window as did the phrase 'can I put this on hold? I'll come back for it later'. Enjoy!

  2. I love your list! #1 on mine is to run around barefoot! Favorite thing about summer =)

  3. You need to add the desk you left a comment on my blog about finishing!!!

  4. i love it!! This is such a cool idea!


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