Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 Months!

Sam is two months old!! People still comment about how little he is when we are out; but, when I look at him these days, I feel like he is SO big and grown-up.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to handle it when he really is a big boy... These newborn days - as hard as they can be sometimes - go sooo fast.

Month two has been really good.  I am more confident as a mom.  I know my boy.  He is feeling better, is a little more "scheduled," and seems much happier.  We are a pair.

Size - 11 pounds, 8 ounces; 22 1/2 inches long; 15 1/2 inch head (still in the 50th percentile across the board). He outgrew the little newborn insert in his car seat last week, so he's looking like a big guy in his "Snugride."  He is also wearing size one diapers exclusively, and 3 month outfits.  I have packed up all the newborn and some of the 0-3 month clothes now... It made me sad to think that I couldn't just pull them out for him to wear next summer like I do my own clothes at the end of every season.)

With Dr. Beazley - who was also my pediatrician - at his two month appointment.
Development - This month has been big in terms of development.  Sam can hold his head up for about 30 seconds, sometimes longer.  When he feels like it, he can hold his entire upper body up during Tummy Time and has rolled from his stomach to his back about five or six times.  When we hold him, he feels SO strong - sometimes like he is going to arch and push right out of our arms.  He is also much more alert and makes lots of fun not-crying noises now.  Plus, we LOVE those smiles!

Personality - We are still figuring this out.  Sometimes our guy looks like this - happy as a clam:
And a moment later he looks like this - mad as a hornet:

Haha!  Overall, I love seeing our little fiesty guy's personality develop more and more.  He can definitely scream and make me crazy, but he also giggles and smiles and laughs until we both are glowing. He is particular about the way he likes things; but, I would expect nothing less from him.  I think he gets his "spunk" from me. It will serve him well one day. :)

Eating - Every day is a little different in this area.  For the most part, Sam has worked out his own three-hour feeding schedule that seems to be working well for him.  For a couple of weeks, I was almost exclusively pumping because his nursing sessions were so short and difficult; and, his gas seemed to be better with a bottle.  BUT, now we are doing about half and half, and I think we both are happy with that  until I go back to work. (When he does eat from a bottle, it's about 4 oz. and close to 6 at bedtime.)

Sleeping - Sam isn't quite sleeping "through the night," but he is pretty darn close.  After we made a few changes to his nighttime routine around five weeks, he has been pretty consistently sleeping 5 - 6 hour stretches at night (and sometimes 7).  At least as long as I'm not having to get up for work, I actually kind-of like our very early morning feedings - it is a sweet quiet time with my boy.  Most nights he sleeps from 10ish to 4ish and then back to sleep for a couple more hours after that.  During the day, his naps are hit or miss.  Some days he does great and has these glorious two hour naps in his own bed.  Other days, he only wants to be held and cuddled to sleep in short little spurts.  I'm a little worried about these sleeping habits when he starts with the babysitter next month, but I'm hoping he will work it out for himself without too much "training" from me.  Wishful thinking?  We'll see.

Likes/Dislikes - Sam LOVES his daddy - no one quite gets smiles like he does!  He still loves the outside - in fact, I've discovered that outdoor dining is the key to my social life these days!  He's also starting to show more interest in some of his toys, and he REALLY likes his elephant Wubbanub.  (We NEVER leave home  - or even a room - without it.)  He likes riding in the car and strolling, and he still loves bath time. He also really likes having his diaper changed - that's when we get the most smiles - but NOT having his clothes changed.

Jeff says he also likes Hokie football, but that's only because he hasn't seen the Tigers play yet! ;)

P.S. Is it bad that I'm still wearing maternity jeans?  I absolutely cannot bring myself to switch back - they are SO cozy and prevent a serious muffin top.  Be honest!


  1. He is adorable and you look great! I don't have a baby yet but all of our friends have kids and those maternity pants do look so comfortable! I say wear em as long as you want/can. I know I probably will when my time comes! :) PS: I love your shirt in that pic! Where did you get it?

  2. Goodness he is changing!! Still adorable though :) It seems crazy that he is already two months old.

    When I put on my first pair of maternity pants I knew it would be difficult to part with them after the pregnancy. I can see how you're having trouble letting them go :) I say wear them as long as you want. Who can tell, anyway?!

  3. 1) he is precious
    2) you look SO great!
    3) I love your shirt

  4. Dr. Beazley delivered me and my sister and we are grown up and completely normal! haha :) So I know he is going to continue to take good care of your boy! :) Glad you're seeing some more smiles these days!

  5. you look super cute in your grey top! where did you get it?

  6. my son is three months and im back in my jeans..but take your time!

  7. I'm currently sitting at the computer in my maternity crops and maternity tee AND I have no shame. :)
    I'm jealous of your scheduled little baby...we're still on true newborn nights (last night I got 3 hours of sleep!)

  8. He's adorable and I want to hold him again soon! I love the picture of you two together. And I wore maternity jeans for a while after Noah. The C-section scar was just so sore that pulling a button/zipper over the area hurt too much!

  9. Sam is adorable! Time does go by so fast. Enjoy the newborn stage and all the cuddles:)

    I wore maternity pants/capris until the spring after I had my daughter (january) last year. I still have some maternity lounge pants that I wear and she is almost 20 months:)

  10. Happy 2 months to our precious baby, Sam!!!! How cute is Dr. Beezley!!! He's the best!!!

  11. 1. YOU LOOK AWESOME. seriously. i haven't seen you since you cut your bangs and I think they are so cute. And you are looking like a super hot mama.
    2. TOTALLY fine that you are still wearing maternity jeans. Was that question a joke? your baby is only 8 weeks old. Hold on to those things until they start falling off your hips... you'll miss them when you have to wear regular clothes again.
    3. Sam is just perfect and seems so smiley and he is adorable. I know he has his rough moments but he just looks so sweet and cuddly and I can't to hold him.
    4. tell Jeff I said Go Tigers.


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