Monday, February 10, 2014

Life Lately

Last week wasn't my best for blogging; but, if I can be annoying for a second, it has been a pretty good couple of weeks for me in the "real world."  I'm finding a lot of peace in pursuing less this year and finally getting semi-organized, feeling some of the benefits of taking care of my self health-wise, in a bit of a creative "sweet spot" when it comes to decorating and other little projects, AND I'm continuing to LOVE this stage of parenting.  (Yes, I've always enjoyed being a momma, but right now my time with Sam just feels so natural and easy... He's really my "buddy" and not just my "baby" anymore. He is at such a fun stage, and I enjoy being with him so much.) 

I feel like there is a good bit of "updating" I need to do, so I thought I'd share a few of the things we've had going on lately to catch you up on life around these parts...

We've had quite a bit of "winter weather" here already this year (in fact, last week was our first full week of school in a month) but nothing really significant.  *According to the news, that might be about to change with significant snow accumulation coming this Wednesday and Thursday.  I'm crossing my fingers!  Regardless, Sam loves being outside in the snow and coming back in for "warm" chocolate, as he calls it.  His new favorite thing is to lay on the floor and make "snow" angels anytime and anywhere. :)

With our neighbor and Sam's best-bud Benji.
Two weekends ago, Jeff was out of town with his Bible study group, so Sam and I packed up and headed to spend the weekend with my sister in Northern Virginia.  Her beau was out of town too, so it was a perfect sister-weekend centered around shopping, eating yummy food, and spoiling Sam.  (In less than 48 hours we went to a gymnastics center open-gym,  a bouncy-house play place, Chickfila, Chuck-E-Cheese, and a playground - and that was just the stuff for Sam).  I wish I had taken more photos, but these two pretty well sum up our time.

Blurry, but I couldn't resist this one of Sam & KK (in a dress) coming down the slide.
On our way back home... Happy & TIRED
I don't think she will mind me saying this, but Kathryn isn't exactly the most maternal person in the world; so seeing her relationship with Sam grow and how much they just ADORE each other has been such a blessing to my heart. This weekend was such a fun real life version of all the years we spent "playing house" in our basement only with real chips and salsa instead of felt ones. ;) She really is the BEST aunt (Jayme too, of course), and Sam has been talking non-stop about "KK" since we got back.


I've been working on my master bedroom re-do for over a year now (sad, I know), but just recently I've gotten the "umph" to really move forward with it.  My to-do list is still LONG, but I'm motivated and excited to get it finished up soon.  My latest obsession?  Creating a girly desk area for me to write, read my Bible, and keep our little family organized.  I'm ordering these two prints to go over it this week from my new favorite Emily Ley.  

(I might have also already ordered her Simplified Life binder and some other goodies for my future-desk too!)


Speaking of decorating, between last weekend's Ikea run and some VERY generous gifts from Land of Nod, Sam's nursery is in the process of being transformed into a "big boy" room.  #Itsabouttime.  I'm keeping a lot the same, but playing with the colors of Jeff's grandmother's quilt (shown below) and adding in fun shades of red and blue/teal too.  It's coming along slowly, but there will be a loose travel theme, and lots of fun details when it is finally finished.

This past weekend involved a lot of pizza-making, M&M-sorting, cupcake-baking, Olympics-watching, and fort-playing.  Sometimes I can't help but laugh at how much our life has changed in the last three years, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yesterday, Sam and I put together these simple little Valentine's for his classmates at preschool.  I wanted to stay away from candy (not that I don't love candy, but you never know how other people feel about it for their kids), and avoid spending tons of money and time on them while still looking like I have my ish together. ;)  These perfectly fit the bill!  The "I like how you roll" printable is free here (there is a cute girly version too) and the colorful bouncy-balls were a dollar each in the Target party section.  (P.S. Addy is, literally, obsessed with the balls.  Good thing I bought extras!)


And finally, a couple of you have asked how my Poppy is doing lately...  To be honest, it's really hard to give an update because his health and mood change so drastically every day.  He is officially in a nursing home now and needing pretty much constant care.  It is hard to see him in the stage, but the home is right next to my school so I'm able to see him almost every day during my lunch break, and we've had some sweet time together.  Aging is really pretty terrible, but I am more thankful than ever for the many many good years we have had with him and the huge role he has played in my life.  We have his pain pretty well managed - so he is comfortable - now, and his mind still seems to be mostly good, but I know he is getting tired of fighting.  Please continue to pray for comfort and peace for him and also for my mom and uncle as they continue to have to make tough decisions regarding his care, etc.

Ok, consider yourself officially updated!  Here's hoping for a blizzard so I can finally catch up on the other blog posts I want to write. :)

Happy Monday.  Hope it's a good week!

P.S. There will DEFINITELY be some Midweek Confessions up on Wednesday to make up for any amount of unintentional smugness in this post. Get yours ready and plan to join me!


  1. ahhh JUST what I needed... I feel like my "less" has become more and I haven't been doing any blog hopping (or writing) lately so (a) I apologize and (b) you are chicken soup for my soul. SO glad to see one of us is sticking to their resolution... more love less hustle = LOVE IT (and you). xoxo

  2. So much going on! Glad your little man is loving the snow and making "snow" angels! too cute!

  3. Love the M&M sorting and cupcakes - such a CUTE idea. How did you get Sam (or yourself for that matter) not to eat all the M&Ms?

  4. We, the husband and even MYSELF!!!! got a snow day last wed. Sadly....I didn't get much of anything productive and just goofed with play dates and a shopping trip with no kids to stores that had closed early due to the roads. All power to you if you find yourself with one!

  5. You are far from "smug". So glad so many fun, exciting and wonderful things are going on for y'all!!

  6. I love those two prints! Such truth- can't wait to see the master bedroom makeover.. we're in the middle of doing the same thing!



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